Four Month Credit Report Repair Plan

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Keeping up-to-date on your credit report is essential, especially because you can fall prey to inaccurate information. When and if you do find discrepancies in your report, you can follow this four month credit report repair plan:

Month One

Request a copy of your credit report (you get a free one every twelve months) and actually read it. If you need to dispute any inaccurate information, do so in writing and carefully document everything you do. Carefully file the documentation. It is also recommended that you mail any disputes by certified mail so that you can make sure it arrives at the credit bureau. Depending on the state of your credit report, this should take no longer than an hour and a half.

Month Two

File documents and mail as you receive them from collection agencies and credit bureaus. If you have any responses, file them in the same place. Also be sure to document any disputes/correspondences and file them. These tasks shouldn't take too long -- about 30 minutes if your remain organized and focused.

Month Three

Continue to follow up on what you have already been doing—your correspondence, any new disputes, filing and documenting letters and replies, etc. The only addition this month is to write to the original information providers. The credit bureau is required to give you the name and address—the original information provider is the source of the information that you are disputing. You need to ask them to investigate the information that you believe is inaccurate.

Month Four

Follow up, follow up, follow up!! Whether it's your correspondence, new disputes, filing and documenting, it is absolutely necessary to be persistant and follow up on these things. You also need to keep track of your correspondence with the credit bureaus and original creditors/information providers to settle any other disputes.  Be persistant until your reports are accurate.

Remember: A bad credit report can hold you back from getting a job, a promotion, a loan for a house, even a raise! Don't let your credit report dictate your future. 


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